MuZicLab Terms of Use and Agreement

  1. Accepting the Terms of Use and Agreement
    1. When using MuZicLab website, software or products you agree to the Terms of Agreement which will hereby be laid out. You agree to the Terms laid out by MuZicLab LLC, whose primary place of work and business is in Blacksburg, VA 24060.
    2. By accepting the Terms of Use and Agreement, which will be referred to below as the "Terms", you are legally forming an agreement with MuZicLab LLC to abide by the Terms laid out in this document.
    3. To use any of MuZicLab's Services, you must accept these Terms, before any of those Services will be provided.
    4. All user accounts must be accurate and factual. Duplicate account will be removed. Accounts for non-existent musicians and fans will be removed and user rights may be forfeited from the users account.
    5. All content must be original. No covers, or material that is not owned by yourself.
  2. MuZicLab's Services and Provision of Services
    1. In order to remain competitive, and user friendly, MuZicLab reserves the right to update, and change any of the Services provided without prior notice or approval.
    2. You agree that if your account has been disabled, which MuZicLab reserves the right to do at any time and for any reason, your uploaded content will also be deleted from our storage units.
    3. Although MuZicLab currently does not have a limit on the amount of content allowed to be uploaded onto the storage units, MuZicLab reserves the right to establish a limit at any time.
  3. Using the Services
    1. To use these Services, you agree that you are over the age of thirteen years old, or have the consent of your legal guardians.
    2. You agree not to disrupt the Services, servers, or networks associated with the Services provided.
    3. You agree that usage of the Services by you must abide by the Terms set forth here and any other Terms of Agreement associated with MuZicLab that pertain to the Services in use.
    4. Duplication of any MuZicLab content, for sale, trade or personal use is strictly prohibited.
    5. You may discontinue using MuZicLab Services at any time without prior notice from MuZicLab personnel.
    6. To access certain Services provided by MuZicLab, you may be obligated to provide personal information which will remain private and unshared to third parties.
    7. You are solely responsible for any breach of this contract, and for ensuing consequences associated with the breaking of these Terms.
  4. Account/Information security
    1. You are solely responsible for keeping your account and private information confidential. Passwords and any other information added are not the responsibility of MuZicLab.
    2. If another user or third party has obtained information associated with your account, you agree to inform MuZicLab of any such breach of trust immediately.
  5. Content provided by the Services of MuZicLab
    1. All data and media, listed here forth as Content, accessible by use of the Services provided by MuZicLab belongs to the person who submitted the Content. Under no circumstances are you to replicate, change, buy, sell or distribute Content without direct permission from the Content owners.
    2. MuZicLab is not responsible for the maintenance or upkeep of any Content submitted by users. Should any damage occur to digital files submitted to MuZicLab, the user will be held responsible.
    3. Content provided by MuZicLab may contain illicit material which some may find offensive. You agree that you are using the Services of MuZicLab at your own risk and that MuZicLab has no responsibility for the Content you choose to view. The MuZicLab community of users and musicians have a responsibility to keep our site clean and safe.
    4. MuZicLab reserves the right to screen Content before its public release and judge it appropriate to be made public. MuZicLab also reserves the right to remove Content or users at any time, and for any reason. If anything has been flagged as offensive, rest assured, the Content will be reviewed for removal. MuZicLab is a safe place for all users, offensive and hateful content will be removed.
  6. MuZicLab Ownership Rights
    1. MuZicLab owns the rights and titles to all its Services, logos, trademarks and domain names. Use of these is not allowed unless specifically given instruction by MuZicLab personnel.
  7. Termination of MuZicLab Services
    1. Until termination with MuZicLab is complete, the Terms set forth here are still in effect.
    2. Users may terminate their use of MuZicLab Services at any time and for any reason.
    3. MuZicLab retains the right to terminate any user's use of the Services at any time for any reason. This is to ensure quality control for other users.
    4. Upon termination of the Services, be it user termination or MuZicLab termination, all Content added by the user will be hence forth deleted from our storage units.
  8. Advertisements and Solicitation
    1. Currently, MuZicLab is privileged to say that there is absolutely no advertising on the site. We believe this makes for a welcoming, non-corporate environment. MuZicLab does reserve the right to begin advertising at any time, although we do not foresee this happening. "No Ads, Just MuZin" sets us apart from other websites and makes the viewing experience superior.
    2. Users of the Services are not allowed to advertise third party companies or websites at any time or in any method. Any such soliciting is grounds for removal.
    3. This is not a dating service! Any such action interpreted as dating or "online" dating will be grounds for removal.
    4. If any person feels sexually or physical threatened by another user, the user will be removed from the site and legal action will be taken against the culprit.
  9. User Disputes
    1. While using MuZicLab Services, you are responsible for your own actions and socialization. Should there be a dispute between two users, MuZicLab retains the right, but is not obligated, to resolve the issue.
    2. Negative comments, attacks, verbal abuse is not allowed on our site. MuZicLab is a positive community of artists working to improve the world through their music. If artists ask for feedback, comments shoudl be made in a respectful peaceful manner.
  10. Grounds for User Removal
    1. While MuZicLab retains the right to remove users at any time, and for any reason, the following are considers to be instant grounds for removal:
      1. posting offensive Content of any kind with references to physical harm to a group or individual, bigotry, racism or sexism
      2. harassing other users or people or encouraging others to harass others
      3. socializing or exploiting people in violent or sexual ways
      4. adding Content containing nudity, excessive violence, information about adult websites or any other offensive subject matter
      5. requesting/soliciting personal information from users under the age of 18
      6. posting other user's personal information
      7. promoting illegal activities
      8. promoting or distributing Content the user does not have the rights to
      9. spamming or sending irregular amounts of mass messages
      10. soliciting personal information with the intent of using it for identity theft
      11. using suggestive sexual imagery
      12. modifying, attempting to modify, or duplicating any MuZicLab Services or Content. Promoting modification or duplication is also grounds for instant removal
      13. using viruses or any destructive code to corrupt any form of computer or storage device
      14. impersonating MuZicLab personnel
      15. advertising third parties
      16. obtaining emails for solicitation and not personal use
      17. breaking any local, state or federal law
  11. Disclaimers
    1. MuZicLab is not responsible for User Content or damages resulting from such Content. User Content is not always reliable. Any user Content does not reflect the opinions of MuZicLab or the accuracy of the Terms listed here. Use of third parties and third party websites is the responsibility of the user and MuZicLab is not accountable for any ensuing damages. MuZicLab is not responsible for any electronic equipment damages including, but not limited to, user's computers, software, hardware, telephones, networks or servers. When downloading Content, MuZicLab is not responsible for any possible damages as a result of the download. MuZicLab does not guarantee a specific result for the use of the MuZicLab Services.
    2. All content must be original. No covers, or material that is not owned by yourself.
  12. Changes and additions to these Terms
    1. MuZicLab reserves the right to change these Terms of Use and Agreement as often as necessary to provide safer, and more user friendly Services. Changes to the Terms may happen at any time and do not require consent from users of the Services.
    2. Safety and a respectful user experience are primary goals for MuZicLab. We appreciate your cooperation.