What Is MuZicLab?

MuZicLab Is A Revolution In Music. Putting the power in the hands of the musicians. MuZicLab is free and provides local musicians with the platform to share their music with friends, university, local community, state, country and the world.

MuZicLab Discovers Undiscovered Artists. Just because you are unsigned and not famous does not mean that you are any less talented than the most famous artists in the world today. We believe without a shadow of a doubt that the best musicians in the world have yet to be discovered. Our mission is to discover this talent so that others can enjoy this untapped resevoir of wonderful music.

No Ads, Just MuZic. When you want to listen to music, you do not want to listen to commercials. When you want to watch a music video, you do not want to watch a 30 second car commercial. You will not find commercials and ads on our site. Just MuZic.

Hear It Here First. From a fan's perspective, you want to be the first to hear world debut MuZic and then to share it with your friends. Share brand new sounds with your friends on campus. No one wants you to share the "newest hit" from Beiber or Ke$ha that has already been played a million times on the radio. You want to share original tracks from "Ghost Flowers", "Daniel Chung", "Always Sunrise", "Tyler Noble", and so many more artists who are bringing new music to the world everyday.

You Own Your Music. When you use MuZicLab you maintain the rights to your music. MuZicLab is just a platform for you to show your music to others and become famous if you want. When you sign with a big music label, you lose control and ownership of your music. The company also keeps the lion's share of the profit from album sales - this is not what we are about. You can remove your music from the site at anytime you want.

A Community Of Musicians and Fans. Show your music to others, connect with other bands , find venues to play, discover new members for your band, follow your favorite Artists, advertise your upcoming shows, post playlists of your favorite musicians, and much, much more.

Respect. We are a safe, positive, open-minded, creative, artistic, tolerant, thought-provoking community of musicians and fans. We do not tolerate hate, discrimination, slurs, attacks, verbal abuse, or bigotry of any kind. The staff of MuZicLab maintains the right and duty to keep the site a place where these principals are maintained and the integrity of the artist and their music is upheld.

Future Stars. We want you to go as far as you want. If your goal is to stay local, share your music with your friends, and perform in venues around your own hometown, we will do our best to help you achieve that. If your dream is to be the next big international star and perform all over the world, from Tokyo to New York, we will do our best to help you reach your true heights of potential and be the next start to brighten the sky of music.

Let's get started! We can't wait for you to set up an account and show your music with our community. We are excited to hear your music you create. Tell your friends and anyone you meet to check out your latest song on MuZicLab.com.